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Liste des attentats islamistes en Octobre 2010

Morts - 527 Blessés - 792  (septembre Morts 703 - blessés 1454)

Toutes ces personnes sont des civils pour la plupart de religion mulsumane assassinés aveuglement au nom d'Allah, majoritairement dans les pays arabo-musulmans.


Date Country City Killed Injured Description
2010.10.31 Iraq Baghdad 7 24 At least seven church members and a priest are murdered when Islamic State of Iraq terrorists invade a church on a suicide mission.
2010.10.30 Thailand Yala 1 0 Muslim extremists shoot a 78-year-old man to death.
2010.10.30 Thailand Pattani 1 0 A 48-year-old man is shot and killed by Islamic militants.
2010.10.30 India Kishtwar 1 0 Mujahideen murder an Indian trooper.
2010.10.30 Somalia Mogadishu 10 7 Ten civilian and peacekeepers are taken down by an al-Shabaab roadside blast and shooting.
2010.10.30 Iraq Baqubah 2 0 Two children are machine-gunned to death in their home by Mujahideen.
2010.10.29 Pakistan Baghbana 1 1 A 12-year-old boy is among the casualties in an Islamist firing on a tanker.
2010.10.29 Iraq Diyala 30 70 Thirty Iraqis at a crowded cafe are blown apart by a Holy Warrior.
2010.10.28 Pakistan Mohmand 3 0 Three accused criminals are beheaded for 'defaming Islam'.
2010.10.28 Afghanistan Kandahar 3 0 Three local cops are shredded by a Sunni bombing.
2010.10.28 Somalia Hawa Abdi 1 0 A Hizbul Islam militant shoots and kills a civilian bus driver.
2010.10.28 Pakistan Ambar 1 4 A member of a local peace committee is ambushed and murdered by Jihadis.
2010.10.28 Pakistan Quetta 4 0 Four Shiites are gunned down in a suspected sectarian attack.
2010.10.28 Thailand Yala 1 0 A villager is shot once through the head by Muslim militants.
2010.10.28 Somalia Beletweyne 2 0 Two teenage girls are publicly executed by an al-Shabaab firing squad.
2010.10.27 Pakistan Peshawar 2 0 Two policemen are shot to death by Mujahideen.
2010.10.27 Iraq Himreem 4 0 Four Iraqis soldiers are blown to bits by Islamic bombers.
2010.10.27 Iraq Baghdad 2 5 Shiite militia bomb a Sunni facility, killing two people.
2010.10.27 Iraq Mosul 3 10 A woman is among three Iraqis murdered in two separate attacks.
2010.10.27 Thailand Yala 1 1 A villager is murdered by Muslim gunmen.
2010.10.27 Somalia Galguduud 6 0 Six clerics are shot to death by Ahlu-Sunna terrorists.
2010.10.26 Nigeria Chewenkur 6 3 Four teenagers and two women are hacked to death when Muslims armed with machetes attack a Christian village.
2010.10.26 Afghanistan Herat 4 3 Taliban blow up four local cops with an IED.
2010.10.26 Iraq Kirkuk 10 15 Ten people are killed in a daylight robbery at a market by suspected Islamic 'insurgents'.
2010.10.26 Afghanistan Farah 1 2 One other person is killed when two Shahid attack a residence.
2010.10.25 Algeria Boumerdes 2 3 Fundamentalist bombers send two Algerians to Allah.
2010.10.25 Pakistan Bajaur 1 0 A member of a peace committee is assassinated by religious radicals.
2010.10.25 Pakistan Bajaur 1 1 Islamic militants ambush a checkpoint, killing a local soldier.
2010.10.25 Iraq Baghdad 1 0 A electrical association worker is shot to death by Mujahideen.
2010.10.25 Pakistan Punjab 7 15 Three women are among seven innocents killed by Sunni bombers at a Sufi mosque.
2010.10.25 Thailand Narathwat 1 15 A farmer is murdered in one of a series of bombings by Islamic separatists.
2010.10.25 Afghanistan Khost 3 10 Three people are dismembered by a Fedayeen suicide car bomber.
2010.10.25 Afghanistan Helmand 2 0 Taliban bombers blow two civilians to bits.
2010.10.24 Iraq Mosul 5 19 Mujahideen take out five civilians with a car bomb.
2010.10.23 Iraq Mosul 4 0 Three women and one man from the same family are murdered when terrorists invade their home.
2010.10.23 Iraq Abu Ghraib 2 14 Two Iraqis are blown apart by a bomb.
2010.10.23 Somalia Boondere 12 20 A dozen civilians are killed during a series of al-Shabaab attacks.
2010.10.23 Dagestan Khasavyurt 1 12 A local cop is taken out by a Shahid suicide bomber.
2010.10.23 Afghanistan Kandahar 1 2 A suicide bomber on a motorcycle kills a passerby.
2010.10.22 Afghanistan Kunar 1 3 A civilian loses his life to a Taliban ambush.
2010.10.22 Iraq Mosul 1 6 A civilian is left dead by a Jihad bomb.
2010.10.22 Thailand Pattani 1 0 Two Islamists assassinate a rival imam at his mosque.
2010.10.22 Pakistan Peshawar 5 22 Sectarian Religion of Peace rivals toss a bomb into a mosque, killing five worshippers.
2010.10.22 Afghanistan Nangahar 3 0 Hardliners murder a district governor and two others with an IED.
2010.10.22 Pakistan Orakzai 6 3 Six Pakistanis are killed by a Taliban roadside blast.
2010.10.22 Iraq Garma 1 1 A suspected al-Qaeda bomb leaves one person dead.
2010.10.22 Yemen Mukalla 1 0 A security officer is gunned down at his home by al-Qaeda.
2010.10.22 Thailand Pattani 1 0 A government worker is shot twice in the head by Muslim 'insurgents' on his way to work.
2010.10.22 Nigeria Bauchi 1 0 Boko Haram Islamists shoot a government official in the head and body at his home.
2010.10.21 Philippines Matalam 10 30 al-Khobar terrorists are suspected in the bombing of a bus that leaves ten civilians dead.
2010.10.21 Afghanistan Paktika 2 1 Two children are shot to death by Sunni radicals. A third child is gravely injured.
2010.10.21 Philippines Maguindanao 2 1 Two civilians die from wounds following an Abdul Basit Usman ambush.
2010.10.21 Pakistan Hakim Khan 6 0 An internal squabble between Talibanis is settled by a roadside bomb. Six dead.
2010.10.20 Afghanistan Nimroz 8 6 Eight civilians are disassembled by a Sunni bomb blast.
2010.10.20 Afghanistan Ghazni 2 0 A man and his 8-year-old daughter are brutally slain by religious hardliners.
2010.10.20 Pakistan Miranshah 1 0 An Afghan civilian is kidnapped and murdered by Islamic extremists.
2010.10.20 Thailand Yala 1 1 Muslim radicals gun down a 27-year-old laborer.
2010.10.20 Iraq Mosul 5 0 Two women and a 13-year-old girl are among a family of five massacred in their home by Sunni militants.
2010.10.20 Afghanistan Herat 4 0 Four policemen are slaughtered in a Mujahideen ambush
2010.10.19 Pakistan Khyber 3 3 Mujahideen murder three local security personnel with a remote-controlled bomb.
2010.10.19 Chechnya Grozny 3 17 A coordinated Fedayeen assault on a government building leaves three victims dead.
2010.10.19 Iraq Samarrah 3 2 Three Iraqis are blown apart by Jihadi bombers.
2010.10.19 Pakistan Wana 3 2 Three local soldiers are taken out by a terrorist ambush.
2010.10.19 Iraq Tikrit 10 4 Children are among the casualties when Islamic militants blow up a home.
2010.10.19 Nigeria Maiduguri 1 0 Boko Haram Islamists shoot a police officer to death in a drive-by attack.
2010.10.19 Ingushetia Malgobek 1 0 Islamic militants gun down a cop.
2010.10.18 Afghanistan Heart 3 0 Three civilians bleed out following a Taliban roadside blast.
2010.10.18 Afghanistan Gereshk 9 0 Nine security guards are gunned down by Sunni radicals.
2010.10.18 Pakistan Lakki Marwat 0 14 Women and children are among the casualties when a suicide bomber detonates at an intersection.
2010.10.18 Iraq Baghdad 1 8 Islamists assassinate a local politician with a bomb.
2010.10.18 Iraq Mosul 1 0 Mujahideen shoot an elderly man to death inside his home.
2010.10.18 Thailand Pattani 1 0 A 65-year-old man is shot in the head by terrorists while shopping with his daughter.
2010.10.18 Afghanistan Nangarhar 1 3 A Taliban roadside blast ends the life of a local cop.
2010.10.18 Iraq Mosul 2 7 A Shahid suicide bomber kills one Iraqi.
2010.10.17 Iraq Baghdad 4 7 A doctor is among four Iraqis taken down by Jihadi bombers.
2010.10.17 Pakistan Orakzai 2 0 Two people are beheaded by Islamic militants, who then post their heads at a bazaar.
2010.10.17 Chechnya Grozny 2 0 Suspected Muslim insurgents take out two local cops in a drive-by shooting.
2010.10.17 Pakistan Hangu 1 0 A peace activist is murdered by Tehreek-e-Taliban gunmen.
2010.10.17 Afghanistan Farah 8 20 The Taliban claim to have killed eight humanitarian workers in an attack on their project.
2010.10.16 Yemen Zinjibar 3 2 al-Qaeda militants send three local soldiers to Allah via a roadside blast.
2010.10.16 Iraq Baghdad 2 2 Two police officers are gunned down at point-blank range by Islamic terrorists.
2010.10.16 Afghanistan Uruzgan 2 7 Hardliners murder two civilians with a roadside bomb.
2010.10.16 Afghanistan Kandahar 1 2 A civilian is incinerated when Mujahideen blow up a fuel tanker.
2010.10.16 Afghanistan Kandahar 1 4 A motorbike bomb blast kills a civilian.
2010.10.15 Pakistan Kalat 1 1 Suspected Islamists murder the driver of a NATO supply vehicle.
2010.10.15 Afghanistan Zabul 9 2 Nine civilians, including three women and one child, are taken apart by a Taliban IED blast.
2010.10.15 Pakistan Khyber 2 0 Religious hardliners set fire to a truck, burning the driver and a passenger to death.
2010.10.15 Pakistan Orakzai 4 6 Four villagers are murdered by Mujahideen attackers.
2010.10.14 Iraq Mosul 1 2 Islamic radicals detonate a bomb on a bridge, killing at least one.
2010.10.14 Nigeria Bauchi 1 0 Islamists assassinate a police officer guarding a private residence.
2010.10.14 Iraq Diala 4 7 Four people are killed when Islamic terrorists attempt to kill a member of parliament.
2010.10.14 Thailand Pattani 1 0 Islamists murder a bank teller riding a motorcyle.
2010.10.14 Iraq Baghdad 3 7 Three Iraqis, including a university professor, are murdered in a series of bomb attacks.
2010.10.14 Iraq Baghdad 1 0 A rival cleric is gunned down by militant Islamists.
2010.10.14 Pakistan Sararogha 5 1 At least five local soldiers are killed in a Taliban ambush.
2010.10.14 Pakistan Kotwali 1 0 A religious scholar is shot to death by sectarian Jihadis.
2010.10.14 Yemen Abyan 5 8 An al-Qaeda ambush on a local military convoy leaves five dead.
2010.10.14 Yemen Mudia 2 1 al-Qaeda attempts to assassinate a government official, but kills his brother instead.
2010.10.14 Somalia Haradhere 4 12 Pregnant women and children are killed when Hizbul Islam militants open fire on a group protesting their beating teenagers.
2010.10.13 Algeria Tlidjen 5 0 Fundamentalists take down five public works officials with a remote-controlled bomb.
2010.10.13 Thailand Pattani 1 0 A man is shot to death by Islamic insurgents while walking home.
2010.10.13 Pakistan Mohmand 3 0 Three tribal elders are assassinated by religious hardliners.
2010.10.13 Thailand Yala 2 0 Two villagers are ambushed and killed while guarding their village from Muslim insurgents.
2010.10.12 Afghanistan Paktika 5 1 A vicious Islamist RPG attack leaves five civilians dead, including a woman and two children.
2010.10.12 Afghanistan Kunar 1 8 One local is killed during a Taliban rocket attack.
2010.10.12 Iraq Mosul 3 11 Three Iraqis are taken down by two terror bombings.
2010.10.12 Nigeria Maiduguri 11 4 Six civilians and five cops are reportedly gunned down by Boko Haram radicals.
2010.10.12 Somalia Mogadishu 5 10 A woman and two children are among five killed when an al-Shabaab mortar hits their home.
2010.10.11 Thailand Pattani 1 0 A fruit trader is machine-gunned by militant Muslims while sitting in his truck.
2010.10.11 Afghanistan Zabul 4 0 Four civilians are blown to bits by a Taliban landmine.
2010.10.11 Iraq Youssifiyah 4 2 al-Qaeda drag four young men out of their homes and shoot them to death.
2010.10.11 Iraq Fallujah 2 1 Gunmen fire on a man and his wife and murder another person in a home invasion.
2010.10.11 Thailand Yala 1 0 A local soldier is ambushed and murdered on his way to work by Islamic terrorists.
2010.10.11 India Sopore 1 0 A local cop is gunned down by Lashkar-e-Toiba.
2010.10.11 Afghanistan Kunar 3 7 Two Indians are among three people claimed by a Taliban rocket attack.
2010.10.10 Iraq Mosul 3 0 Three Iraqis are cut down by Mujahid gunmen.
2010.10.10 Afghanistan Farah 4 1 Four Italian soldiers are killed in a brutal ambush on their vehicle by religious radicals.
2010.10.10 Nigeria Maiduguri 2 0 Islamists gun down a rival cleric and his assistant.
2010.10.10 Afghanistan Paktya 9 0 Three young children and three women are among nine dismembered by a Taliban bomb.
2010.10.10 Iraq Leheis 3 2 Sunni bombers take out three civilians by blasting their minibus.
2010.10.09 Russia Kabardino-Balkaria 1 0 A court official is murdered by suspected Muslim gunmen while walking home.
2010.10.09 Iraq Yusufiya 2 1 Two civilians are shot to death in a Religion of Peace drive-by.
2010.10.09 Iraq Abu Ghraib 1 4 Sectarian Jihadis invade a home and shoot five members of the same family.
2010.10.09 Iraq Fallujah 3 0 Three brothers are pulled out of their home and shot execution style by al-Qaeda.
2010.10.08 Philippines Cotabato 2 1 Militant Muslims previously targeting missionaries kill two people and kidnap a woman.
2010.10.08 Abkhazia Gudauta 1 2 A religious leader is killed when suspected Islamic terrorists fire into their mosque.
2010.10.08 Afghanistan Takhar 20 35 Twenty people at a mosque are sent straight to Allah by Sunni bombers.
2010.10.08 Afghanistan Kunar 1 0 A 35-year-old female British aid worker is captured and blown up in captivity by the Taliban.
2010.10.08 Iraq Madaen 1 0 A young woman is reportedly tortured and killed by al-Qaeda.
2010.10.08 Pakistan Punjab 0 2 An 80-year-old Christian and his elderly wife are beaten unconscious by Muslim attackers.
2010.10.07 Iraq Iskandariyah 5 20 Sunni militia target a busy marketplace with a shrapnel bomb. Five patrons are taken out.
2010.10.07 Afghanistan Baghlan 1 6 A Shahid suicide bomber murders a German soldier guarding a road.
2010.10.07 Tajikistan Rasht 6 3 The Islamic Movement kills six local soldiers with a roadside blast.
2010.10.07 Nigera Maiduguri 1 0 Boko Haram Islamists assassinate a top politician.
2010.10.07 Pakistan Karachi 9 74 Two children are among nine Sufi worshippers taken down by two barbaric suicide blasts at their mosque.
2010.10.07 Pakistan Kar Kandari 2 0 Two security personnel are taken down by a Taliban landmine.
2010.10.07 Iraq al-Mohandeseen 2 0 Suspected Sunni insurgents shoot a 3-year-old girl and her sister to death.
2010.10.07 Iraq Mosul 2 0 A woman and her 13-year-old daughter are murdered in their home by terrorists.
2010.10.06 Nigeria Borno 2 0 Two statehouse guards are gunned down by Boko Haram Islamists.
2010.10.06 Pakistan Kohat 0 3 Islamists throw a grenade into a house with children, injuring three.
2010.10.06 Iraq Mosul 2 0 Two civilians die from injuries following a drive-by Mujahid shooting.
2010.10.06 Afghanistan Mizan 3 0 Three farmers carrying produce are brutally blasted to pieces by Taliban hardliners.
2010.10.05 Thailand Pattani 3 0 Three Buddhists transporting chickens are pumped full of holes by Muslim separatists at point-blank range.
2010.10.05 Afghanistan Kandahar 9 25 Eight civilians are among nine brutally slain in a Taliban ambush.
2010.10.05 Pakistan North Waziristan 2 8 Two local soldiers are sent to Allah by Islamic bombers.
2010.10.05 Pakistan Sindh 1 0 A teacher is gunned down by sectarian assassins.
2010.10.05 Thailand Yala 1 0 A 33-year-old man is murdered in his driveway by Islamic gunmen.
2010.10.05 Thailand Pattani 1 0 A 43-year-old man is shot to death by Muslim militants.
2010.10.04 Afghanistan Kandahar 1 0 A local official is gunned down by Islamist while praying at a mosque.
2010.10.04 Iraq Garma 1 0 A television camera man bleeds out following a targeted bombing.
2010.10.04 Iraq Mussayab 1 0 An Iraqi is murdered by al-Qaeda gunmen.
2010.10.04 Afghanistan Kandahar 4 17 Islamic hardliners murder four local cops with a series of bomb blasts.
2010.10.04 Afghanistan Ghazni 2 6 Hardliners send rockets into a civilian district, killing two.
2010.10.04 Somalia Mogadish 5 19 Two women and a child are among five civilians killed during an al-Shabaab attack along a city street.
2010.10.04 Dagestan Chiryurt 2 0 Suspected Islamists assassinate two local farm officials, both fathers.
2010.10.04 Iraq Jalawla 4 17 Four local cops lose their lives to Jihadi bombers.
2010.10.03 Iraq Fallujah 5 4 Five Iraqis are murdered in a series of area terror attacks.
2010.10.03 Algeria Tizi Ouzou 5 10 Five security personnel in a shooting and bombing ambush by armed fundamentalists.
2010.10.03 Thailand Yala 3 3 Three local soldiers are ambushed and killed by Muslim separatists.
2010.10.03 Iraq Mosul 1 0 Terrorists shoot a shepherd to death in his home.
2010.10.03 Iraq Mosul 1 0 A university professor is killed by fundamentalist gunmen.
2010.10.03 Pakistan Miranshah 3 0 Three civilians are abducted and executed by Taliban militants.
2010.10.03 Pakistan Islamabad 6 14 Six people are burned to death by a Sunni rocket attack on an industrial complex.
2010.10.03 Italy Modena 1 1 A woman is beaten to death by her own husband for trying to stop the forced marriage of her daughter, who is also put in a coma by her brother.
2010.10.02 Afghanistan Paktika 7 0 Seven members of a family are ripped apart by a Taliban roadside blast, including three children.
2010.10.02 Pakistan Mardan 1 0 Tehreek-e-Taliban militants are suspected of assassinating a rival religious scholar.
2010.10.02 Afghanistan Helmand 1 1 Islamic hardliners kill a child with an IED.
2010.10.02 Iraq Mosul 3 0 Three police officers are taken down by Jihadi bombers.
2010.10.01 Pakistan Haripur 7 0 A Christian couple and their five children (ages 6-17) are brutally shot to death in their home by Muslim extremists.
2010.10.01 Iraq Baghdad 3 7 A suspected al-Qaeda blast near a mosque leaves three people dead.
2010.10.01 Pakistan Sindh 5 8 Five people are burned alive when Jihadis fire rockets into oil tankers in two separate attacks.
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